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Accela ChemBio Co., Ltd. (ACC) was founded by bio-pharmaceutical veterans from the US and China in 2007. Our mission is to provide high-quality, innovative products to our valuable customers. Accela design, synthesis, manufacture and market advanced R&D chemicals.

Our research and development center is located in Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park (South), with over 30,000 square ft of wet chemistry laboratories, suitable for synthetic and process chemistry research, kilo-scale production. We are fully equipped with state of the art databases and analytical instruments to ensure research and product quality.

A wholly owned subsidiary Qidong Accela ChemBio Co., Ltd. (QSY) owns 100,000 square ft fine chemical plant for production up to tons. This plant locates in Qidong Binjiang Fine Chemical Industry Park in Jiangsu Province which is 100 KM from Shanghai headquarter. The pilot and commercial plant started production in Feb. 2014. It focuses on pilot production and,manufacture of chiral molecules, advanced intermediates, and heterocyclic compounds with complete on-site QC and QA.

Accela ChemBio Inc. (ASD) was found in San Diego California in 2008, it's the official distributor of Accela ChemBio Co. Ltd. (ACC) Catalog Products in USA and Canada.

Our management team has had extensive expertise and an excellent track record in synthetic chemistry, discovery, process R&D, project management, CRO, QC/QA, pilot plant, and GMP manufacturing. With a full mix of professionals in chemistry research, QA/QC, and trade business, we are confident in our ability to satisfy dependable and sustainable sourcing demands.

In-House Quality Control Instruments List

Analytical Instruments Quantity Analytical Instruments Quantity
300 MHz NMR 1 Polarimeter 1
GC-MS 1 Titrator 1
LC-MS 1 Melting Point Apparatus 5
LC 5 KF 2
GC 2 DAD 1
Density Meter 1 Water Purifier 2